About Us


The Green Cannabis Co. was founded in 2019 in Toronto, ON, Canada. Our unique, premium tools are for the eco-aware and style-forward cannabis consumer.

The idea for our brand was born shortly after legalization in Canada. At first, we noticed the overuse of plastic in cannabis packaging  - layer upon layer of single-use plastics around such a simple plant. Then, we looked around at the available cannabis accessories and they were all just cheap, mass-produced and primarily made of plastic. There had to be a better way, a more sustainable way.

When The Green Cannabis Co. was born we didn’t have any designs, or ideas.  When we registered out our business all we had was a vision: Make the cannabis industry greener. So, we started drawing and ideating and soon launched our first accessories. Since then, we’ve launched numerous new products and have worked with some of the best retailers in the world.

The goal for The Green Cannabis Co. is to continue redefining our connection to this powerful plant. It’s to continue design new, and innovative accessories and to eventually launch our own CBD/THC products. 

Welcome to our niche corner of the cannabis community. One that we feel will become increasingly more important and one that we hope you believe in as much as we do.




Our Commitment

At no point in our production methods or packaging methods are plastics of any kind used. We don't even use plastic tape. 
Recycled & Recyclable Packaging
All of our packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable itself. It's raw, kraft look is gorgeous but it has a minimal impact on the rubbish bin.
Made in Canada
All our products are made or assembled right here in Toronto, Canada. We partner with local businesses and source the highest quality Canadian materials.
Locally Sourced Materials
Hemp from BC, clay from Ontario, we do our best to ensure our raw materials come from ethical facilities in Canada.
Responsible Shipping
Carbon-offset shipping options available. We encourage to nut use rush shipments as they're less efficient for shipping companies and in turn are harsher on the environment.
Useable & Re-useable Containers
We've opted out of plastic. Instead we use re-useable glass vessels. Jars should be repurposed as needed. No need to toss them.

We know it takes longer. We know there are easier ways to do things. But, we think operating as an eco-ethical business is worth it.