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Green meets green.

Small-batch, hand-crafted, eco-friendly cannabis accessories. We are inspired by nature and committed to protecting it.

Made by hand.

Our one-of-a-kind accessories are handmade by artisans in a small studio in Toronto. They're as unique as the people who use them.


Remove plastic from all aspects of your life, including your cannabis rituals. Our accessories are a cleaner, healthier and more eco-friendly option.

Made in Canada.

Our entire collection is proudly made or assembled in Toronto, Canada. We do not manufacture in factories overseas, instead strengthening our local economies.


We keep our's out on the coffee table. The Maple Tray is a showstopper.

Sara M.

Opening the box was experiencing a work of art. Five stars ain't enough stars!

Elton C.

Simple and beautiful. There's really nothing else like this piece.

Ashley R.