Sharing joints is more important than you think.

Think about our relationship with this cannabis for a moment. For generations it’s been a part of our social fabric. How many movies do you remember seeing that iconic first-joint-pass-scene? All those concerts-joints from a stranger? We’ve all been introduced to this plant in social settings. During this pandemic, that’s been ripped away from us. No passing the dutchie to the left or the right. No puff, puff, pass. Nothing. Let’s consider the bonuses of sharing joints just for a moment.


Sharing is engrained in humanity. Throughout time, we’ve connected with each other while sharing with each other. Think about the significance of breaking bread together. Sharing a meal is one of the most important things you can do with someone. Think about the symbolism associated with passing the Olympic torch. Think for a moment about the earliest of days, sharing your fire with someone gave them life. Humanity needs sharing. The connection that comes with sharing is what makes us human.


Have you ever smoked alone? It’s great… sometimes but I’d always choose a doobie between a few pals, no question. It’s always a better session. Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve found myself smoking more frequently on my own and spending a lot of time in my own head. Again, totally fine, but I always find myself to be more open after I’ve consumed. And I always prefer hearing new perspectives other than my own. It helps me be more empathetic, intuitive and generally more open.



So, we’ve made a new product. One that will help us reconnect with the ones we’ve been longing for. And, we can do it safely (and stylishly, if we say so ourselves). The Green Cannabis Co. has developed Hand-Carved Wooden Filter Tips. They’re sold in pairs and will help make your session that much smoother. Take a haul, and pass the joint from tip to tip. So, you ultimately pass the dutchie but not the germs.


Sharing joints is natural. It's important and it's back! 

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