The Corn Cob Pipe: A sustainable, all-natural and eco-friendly starter pipe.

We know it can be a bit intimidating, so we broke it down a little for you and why an all-natural, corn cob pipe might be a good solution for you. Let's get into it.


Why a corn cob pipe?

If you’ve never smoked cannabis out of a pipe, it can be hard to know where to start. Options abound and it can feel intimidating when you are also trying to make the most sustainable choice. Glass pipes, metal pipes? Bongs? Even joints need to be rolled in a certain way. All these options can feel overwhelming for a complete beginner or someone who is just looking to simplify their cannabis routine. Once you settle on a pipe it can be hard to find something that is both simple in design and completely biodegradable. Made of unprocessed natural components in a classic corn cob pipe shape, The GCC’s Corn Cob Pipe is the perfect pipe for a beginner. 


What is a corn cob pipe? 

A sweet, small and sustainable pipe, corn cob pipes usually come in two sizes, a standard and a shortstop size bowl. Our Cob Pipe features a smaller bowl which is one of the reasons it makes it a great starter pipe. It’s discrete size also means it's easy to have on hand or stow away in your pocket for convenience.  With the proper care, this pipe should last for years.  A corn cob pipe also has the effect of absorbing any harsh taste in the buds and over time the resins in the corn will release, imbuing a sweet, mellow flavour into your smoke. When you consume your favourite flower in a corncob pipe, it also tends to be a cooler smoke, which cuts down on any feelings of tongue bite. 


What is the history behind the corn cob pipe?

The classic design of the corn cob pipe dates back to the turn of the century, when pioneers and industrious farmers used dried corn cobs and whittled pieces of wood or reed to fashion these small practical pipes. They were inexpensive and accessible which helped them gain in popularity. Legend has it that in the 30s and 40s corn cob pipes were used primarily to smoke marijuana and could be used as a signal during the days of marijuana prohibition. If you saw someone smoking a corn cob pipe then you would know they were a friend of mary jane, as opposed to traditional tobacco smokers who tended towards wooden pipes.  Cob pipes are also long associated with literary greats like Mark Twain and of course Popeye! The fact that they are still being used a hundred years later shows their staying power. A corn cob pipe is simple, unpretentious and easy to use; a perfect starter pipe. Corn cob pipes are classic for a reason. 


What are the benefits of the corn cob pipe?

One of the little known benefits of using a corn cob pipe for your cannabis is the fact that you actually end up wasting less weed. With a joint, you either have to smoke the whole thing in one go, or if you put it out and then try to re-light it. Sometimes this works but sometimes it gets soggy and you end up having to throw out the rest of the joint. When you use a corn cob pipe, you can pack it with the exact right amount of your favourite flower. The small bowl size of our corn cob pipe is perfect for a single session or a quick toke to share with a friend. It will also help you to make the most of the amount of weed you have. There’s a particular pain in wasting even a small amount of the most precious herb. 

How do you use our corn cob pipe?

Our Cob Pipe comes ready to use out of the plastic-free packaging, so there’s no breaking in process which means you can start smoking it sooner! Another reason why it’s a great starter pipe. To start, just pack the pipe bowl with the flower of your choice, filling it and then pressing down gently with your finger. Next, take your heat source, an electronic lighter or hemp wick is preferred, ignite and inhale. Repeat this process until you can see that the flower has combusted. Our pipe also includes a screen, which you can place into the pipe bowl before lighting it if you’d like, but you don’t have to use it. After you’re done smoking, empty your pipe bowl. That’s it! So much easier than rolling joints and more sustainable than a glass or a metal pipe. 


What's the difference between a corn cob pipe versus a metal or glass pipe?

There are a lot of reasons but one of the biggest is taste. Unlike glass and metal, the corn bowl will actually taste better the more you use it. Over time, the cured resins in the corn itself will start to release and there will be a subtle sweetness to your session.

How do you clean the corn cob pipe?

In order to get the most longevity out of your corn cob pipe it’s important to clean it regularly. Properly cleaning it after each session will ensure that your cob pipe lasts for years. A pipe cleaner is perfect for this. In fact when you use it, you’ll finally understand why it’s called a pipe cleaner. These things were literally invented to clean pipes, they are not just for arts and crafts projects! Use this to remove any large debris, and then dip it into warm water and run it through the stem and the bowl. Another option is to dip the pipe cleaner in a mixture of water and alcohol, again run the pipe cleaner through the stem. Just be sure to let the pipe air dry completely before using it for your next toke. 


Do corn cob pipes work for weed?

Yes, in fact, you'll find that you will actually end up wasting less weed with a corn cob pipe. Approximately 0.3g will fit in our bowl – don't be afraid to pat in the stems. What's more is that the corn pipe will savour the taste, making each bowl sweeter than the last.

What makes GCC’s cob pipe special?

Unlike most corn cob pipes, the GCC’s Cob Pipe doesn’t have a plastic tip or any metal parts. It uses a birchwood stem and an all natural sealer in its construction and like all of our products it's assembled by hand right here in Toronto, so you don’t need to think twice about the environmental impact of shipping from halfway around the world. As long as you are using matches or a hemp wick to light the bowl, you can feel confident that using the GCC Cob Pipe is an environmentally sound way to indulge.

The GCC’s Cob Pipe is handmade, biodegradable, minimalist and easy to use. Its unique vintage style paired with its biodegradable, small batch construction make it a great way to connect with your favourite flower. It's also a truly unique choice, because we make all of these by hand you know that the pipe you are getting is completely one of a kind. Each one varies slightly in colour gradations and exact shape. 

One step closer to uncomplicated enjoyment.

There are so many aspects of life that are complicated right now. Living through a global pandemic means that it often feels like there are no easy choices anymore.  Our connection to the earth through the weed we are smoking doesn’t need to be complicated.  Choosing a corn cob pipe means you’ll be well on your way to wasting less weed, imbibing in style and feeling truly confident in your sustainable choice. Knowing that your first session with your new corn cob pipe is as easy as packing the bowl, we’re not sure what you are still waiting for! You and your new corn cob pipe have a beautiful future together. We can see it now.

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  • I was so happy to come across this tonight. I’ve used a corn cob pipe for less than 6 months. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had to look things up. I don’t use it very often. Your article was extremely informative! My father the pipe smoker, never taught us anything about the pipe. Thank you. I’m going to look you up and consider ordering tomorrow. Too late at night to make decisions. Thank you

    Susan Marshall

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