Ceramic Rolling Trays: The kind of tray you'll want to leave out.

Rolling trays are probably the most underrated smokeware and often the most plastic of them all. We walk you through the beauty of our ceramic rolling trays with built-in grinders.


A ceramic rolling tray is the cannabis accessory that you never knew you needed. Both functional and beautiful, the GCC’s ceramic rolling trays will elevate your rolling game to the next level. Made from naturally sourced eco-friendly materials, both our Maple Tray and Forest Set are so beautiful that you will want to leave them out to admire. 

Instead of rolling your flower on any old flat surface where you can potentially loose bits of bud, imagine having a dedicated space, a special tray that reminds you of the good vibes that await when you use it. This is what we were thinking of when we designed the Maple tray and the Forest set. 

The story behind our ceramic rolling trays

In our household, walks in nature are a big part of our weekend. Local trails are easy to get to with kids, so we end up spending a lot of time in Toronto’s High Park, a massive wooded park in the middle of the city. It’s filled with trails that wind through prairie grasses and shrubs and as you walk through your attention is drawn to the towering trees casting their leafy shadows. It's the perfect spot to clear your head and reconnect with nature. Just off the beaten path I stumbled upon a piece of bark from a fallen maple tree that I ended up taking home with me. 

The natural texture was rough and bumpy and yet when I turned it over it, the interior of the bark was remarkably smooth inside. I set it on our coffee table, where it stayed for a few weeks, it just felt right sitting there. It matched our decor so well. Over time, I started to place small, light items in it. It, unfortunately, began to deteriorate over time with use. So, I went back to High Park and sourced a piece that was even nicer and created a mold of it so that it could last forever. The Maple Tray was born.

How are the ceramic rolling trays made? 

Maple Tray

Once the piece of maple was cut down to size, a mold was made that replicated the outside of the wood, capturing all that gorgeous texture. Then we used a process in ceramics known as slip casting, using clay that was sourced from quarries in Alberta and Brampton. In slip casting, the clay is mixed with water to liquify it, which is called the slip and then this is poured into the mold. It allows you to replicate the unique shape and texture of those pieces of wood over and over again. 

The Forest Set

Our Forest Set is a two piece set made from molds of birch and pine trees which were also sourced from High Park. These pieces are slightly thinner than the Maple tray and have a different texture because birch and pine are such different trees from maple. They are made in the same way with the clay sourced locally, the molds designed by us and the slip casting method that is popular in ceramics. 

Our forest set also comes with a birch pipe and comes in five vibrant colours, each of these are hand glazed. The colour contrast with the white natural clay exterior is part of what makes this such a striking piece.

Why use a ceramic rolling tray?

Have you ever improvised and rolled your joints on a book, straight on the coffee table, or even used a piece of cardboard?  While we admire your resourcefulness, there is something soothing and special about using a dedicated rolling tray.

From a practical perspective, it actually saves you from losing any tiny bits of flower that might escape from the joint as it is rolled. 

Using a ceramic rolling tray also elevates your smoking experience. When you bring out the tray it introduces an aspect of style and beauty to your ritual. And then when you see it sitting there on your bookshelf or side table, the ceramic rolling tray will remind you of your last smoke session, infusing an ordinary moment with a little hint of nostalgia.

It also gives you something lovely to use in such a practical way, making your time with your favourite flower even more memorable. Its simple beauty means that it will complement any space that you rest it on. 


How do you use a ceramic rolling tray?

Because both the Maple tray and the forest set have an organic, handmade aesthetic, they fit into most design schemes. We have friends who don’t even partake who use it as a gorgeous catch all for keys and coins by the front door. It also makes a lovely spot to put rings and jewelry on a bedside table.  The colourful glazed interior of the forest set ceramic rolling tray has a way of highlighting whatever you rest inside it, while the Maple tray is so simple that whatever you put on it looks intentional and curated. Both the Forest Set and the maple tray have the look and feel of premium art pieces. 


Everyone has that friend who is impossible to buy for. Whether they buy themselves everything they need, or just have eclectic taste, these ceramic rolling trays are the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates one of a kind, beautiful pieces. The forest set is equally perfect for in particular someone starting off on their cannabis journey or an aficionado who has been rolling joints for ages. They are a sustainable, beautiful way to treat yourself or someone you love

How did you invent a rolling tray with a built-in grinder?

Our ceramic rolling trays also have a built in grinder and pouring spout, which means that it’s even easier to roll joints.

The grinder is our own unique design, which came from my own experience being on garlic grinding duty as a child. My family is Italian and making tomato sauce on Sunday mornings was part of our week for as long as I can remember. I was on garlic grinding duty - every Sunday. Grinding that garlic into the little ceramic spikes was a job that I relished, and when it came time for us to design the GCC’s ceramic rolling trays, the simple genius of that garlic grinder on Sunday mornings came to mind.

How do you use the built-in grinder?

The whole setup is simple and streamlined. To use the grinder you just rub your flower over the teeth, moving it back and forth until it’s fluffy. The built-in grinder works best on dry herb. Anything that is too moist of sticky may need a bit more elbow grease.

The Forest Set also comes with a matching birch pipe and a built-in resting nook to place your pipe or your joint, if you prefer. The Birch Pipe is our take on a twig from a birch tree, a one hitter, chillum style pipe, it is also made by hand in small batches and is perfect for microdosing.    

Why are the GCC’s ceramic trays so special?

Both the Maple tray and the Forest Set are made locally in Toronto. The entire process of their creation takes 14 days from start to finish.

At the GCC we know how important sustainability and closed loop supply chains are and we apply that to everything we make. That’s why it was so important to us to source clay from local quarries and to gather the wood ourselves to make sure the texture was true to our local trees. 


Like all GCC accessories,  the Maple tray and the Forest Set are shipped with plastic free packaging, so you can feel good about the journey that your ceramic rolling tray makes to you.

Our ceramic rolling trays are a simple, beautiful way to savour your ritual and bring some of what you love from the outdoors, in. 

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